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We’re serious advocates of communicating so effectively that what we say or write is exactly what we want our audience to understand. And in a corporate setting, your business might depend on that. Often, closed wons originate from successful communication training.

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Effective communication training leads to career success

We know—for sure—that some of your employees run from public speaking as fast as they can. Others just don’t feel confident writing informative emails. And maybe some of those employees yearn to become managers, but their lack of effective communication skills holds them back.

When designing corporate communication training solutions, our goal is to make your employees effective written and verbal communicators to keep them moving forward in their careers.

Your business depends on communication training

To us, effective communication is a trainable skill and the soft skill from where all other interpersonal skills derive. But it’s not just that.

Effective communication means effective business and effective management. It’s integral and specific to your company. And that’s why we focus on your organization and your business to develop communication skills training personalized for the unique needs of you and your employees.

We stand for authentic effective communication. With that in mind, we build communication training solutions that

  • Are customized to your organization’s characteristics
  • Embrace the different ways your employees can communicate effectively within your organization

Our approach to marketing & communications training

  • Customization is top of mind for us! Therefore, our learning experience design strategists and writers start with getting to know the details of your business and your internal and external communication processes, and then they work with you to understand your organization’s structure, culture, and goals. 

    After that, they turn your corporate communication training needs into a solution that your employees engage with to learn and practice their work-related communication skills. Our designers and developers use their creativity and technical expertise to give life to the training, and we drive engagement by providing examples that resonate with your business and organization.

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  • Definitely! Our communication training solutions help your managers effectively communicate with other managers. Plus, they teach your managers to not feel intimidated by other managers’ attitudes…even if they’re introverts!

    With communication skills training, you can aim high for your managers. You can train them to persuade other managers into getting on board with their initiatives and pushing them forward.

Changing Hearts & Minds With Food Law

The legal department of a multinational confectionary and food products manufacturer was ready and willing to offer guidance through the production process, but found that it wasn’t being effectively utilized by employees. While they had plenty of helpful content, ELM knew that instilling confidence in the department was priority #1. Our designers helped change the way employees saw legal while highlighting what the department had to offer.

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