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Corporate Compliance Training Solutions

You want to keep your employees and your organization safe from injuries, legal issues, and other dangers, which makes a compliance training program an integral part of your learning strategy. Corporate compliance training usually gets a bad rap; it can be boring, monotonous, and overly serious.

We view compliance training through a different lens. Mandatory? Yes. Tedious? Never.

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Why Corporate Compliance Training?

Compliance training is usually mandatory to ensure that your employees are staying safe and obeying industry regulations in their work. Consider it part of your risk management strategy: you train your employees to limit potential dangers to them, their colleagues, and your organization. It’s specific to your industry and, due to its serious nature, can be a hard sell to your employees.

Our compliance training approach

We believe that context is one of the greatest tools you have when creating compliance training programs. When something is mandatory for all employees, they often view it as something meant only to benefit the organization. Creating a meaningful context that helps employees see the personal benefit is one of the first steps to an engaging compliance training program.

While your list of mandatory topics to cover may include topics that it seems “everyone knows,”  we treat your employees as adults and respect their years of expertise and professionalism. We create eLearning compliance training programs that covers those necessary topics, but moves on quickly so learners stay engaged.

Our process

Our compliance training design always starts with understanding your organization’s goals. We want to know how your industry measures compliance and what success looks like to you. With that perspective, we’ll build a compliance training program that improves learner completion and recall by keeping learners engaged from start to finish. 

We’ll consider the way your learners experience compliance training online and offline. Are your employees sitting through slide after slide of compliance training facts? Is the material common knowledge to learners who are already working in the field? We’ll extract the most vital information from your current corporate compliance training, allow individual learner autonomy, challenge the learner to reinforce the learning, and deliver the content in a way that matches the tone and brand of your organization.

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    • Cybersecurity training
    • Diversity training
    • Occupational safety and health training
    • And in the case of some industries—highly regulated—you have other types of compliance training. The pharmaceutical, banking, and finance industries require industry-specific compliance training.

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