Instructor-Led Training overview

ILT for the digital age

Instructor-led training (ILT) solutions are often dismissed as old fashioned and ignored in favor of a more tech-centric approach. But, sometimes, the most elegant solution is the simplest.

Our approach

The most effective instructor-led training empowers instructors with the tools they need to reach and connect with learners. We collaborate with you to create content that makes instructors feel confident in their ability to engage learners—whether they’re face-to-face in the classroom or teaching from anywhere over Zoom, Teams, or other videotelephony.

Our instructor-led training solutions

We love digital solutions, but they often lack the emotional engagement of face-to-face interactions. ILT allows us to personally craft more meaningful learning experiences.

Instructional Design Consulting

Here, at ELM, we eat, sleep, and breathe creativity. So, mix it with our deep industry expertise and you have our instructional design consulting services.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Gone are the days of overcrowded conference rooms, boring trainings, and bad coffee.

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Presentation Design

We’ve all been there: zoning out while someone clicks through another text-heavy presentation.

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avg # of modalities included in instructor-led training


approx. # of hours spent on ILT projects in 2021


percentage of our current projects w/ an ILT element

$169.4 billion

total spending on employee training in the US in 2019


  • Instructor-led training (ILT) is any learning environment in which an instructor offers knowledge, insight, and expertise on a subject. Whether in person or virtual, ILT allows for interactive activities, personalized feedback, Q&A, and flexibility that suits learner needs in real time.

Case studies

See how we’ve taken inspired ideas and transformed them into workable realities for our clients.

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Changing Hearts & Minds With Food Law

The legal department of a multinational confectionary and food products manufacturer was ready and willing to offer guidance through the production process, but found that it wasn’t being effectively utilized by employees. While they had plenty of helpful content, ELM knew that instilling confidence in the department was priority #1. Our designers helped change the way employees saw legal while highlighting what the department had to offer.

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COVID Safety & Wellness Training

In March 2020, we couldn’t have predicted the way that COVID-19 would permanently change the face of the American workplace. With ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, our client, a large social media company, needed a way to disseminate new information to employees as they worked from home and (eventually) made their return to the workplace.

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Unconscious Bias Training Program

A global company knows that personalities, backgrounds, and culture are what makes an organization truly great. At the same time, our client, a large employment website, also knew that managers might need a refresher on confronting their unconscious biases to more effectively and empathetically lead their teams. Our project with Indeed focused on illustrations and scenarios that gave managers a more holistic idea of what leadership looks like in 2021.

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