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Level up your eLearning with gamification

Gamification training, or gamification of learning, is the use of gameplay elements in a learning experience. At ELM, we know that gamified learning, when backed by an understanding of neuroscience, is a powerful tool for inspiring learners to challenge themselves. 

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Why use gamification in corporate learning?

Gamification is uniquely poised to motivate your learners and level up your corporate training. By adding game elements—think leaderboards, points, timers, and challenges—learners are able to approach training in an autonomous, meaningful way that engages their brains and introduces a little healthy competition without learners actually being together.

Traditional training can suffer from too much info—or not enough. Our gamified learning solutions give learners a chance to demonstrate their knowledge in a stimulating way before moving on to new or more difficult topics. Learners will incrementally improve on and master topics without informational overload. The result? True learning autonomy and mastery. 

Our approach to gamified learning

Gamification has the potential to increase productivity by 50%, reduce overall training time by 90%, and reduce new-hire training time during onboarding by 70%, but it’s often overlooked as nothing more than a trendy buzzword. By combining what we know about neuroscience, cognition, and motivation with engaging design, gamification becomes part of a training strategy that is anything but child’s play. 

Brains have powerful neurological pathways that activate depending on what we’re doing. The brain’s default mode network (DMN) is responsible for “autopilot mode,” which is sometimes what we’re in during traditional training. When the brain is challenged or entertained, its working memory network (WMN) takes over. The WMN lets learners absorb new information and convert it into long-term memory.

ELM utilizes our extensive understanding of neuroscience to trigger your learners’ WMNs via gamification. By building in stories, challenges, and giving users real-time feedback, information converts to long-term recall without learners even realizing it.

Benefits of gamification

Applying gamification judiciously at the right places and times adds a layer of depth and entertainment to your content. Some of the benefits you’ll see from gamifying your training include:

  • Learner motivation. Gamification rewards learners and challenges them to keep going.
  • Learner autonomy. You’ll tap into intrinsic motivators like competition, improvement, and completion while allowing individuals to learn at their own pace and level. 
  • Instant feedback. Games provide feedback as players demonstrate their mastery. If they do well, it’s onto the next level; if not, they get another chance to see what they missed.
  • Social learning. Friendly competition and collaboration allow learners to forge new connections. 
  • Emotional connection. Gamification often uses storytelling to help learners apply what they’ve experienced in simulated situations,  creating an emotional link (which builds stronger neural connections). 
  • Meaningful goals. Leveling up and completing games gives learners meaningful, tangible goals to work toward.
  • Cognitive relief. Brains love to multitask, but multitasking can hurt training efforts. Games direct attention to one task at a time, which increases focus and reduces the cognitive load on the brain.

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