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Here, at ELM, we eat, sleep, and breathe creativity. So, mix it with our expertise in designing eLearning courses and you have our instructional design consulting services.

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Creativity and more

We’re passionate about designing the most creative learning experiences for our customers. That means you—yes, you! How do we do it? Well, we gathered instructional designers that use creativity as a tool to create experiences that inspire growth and change. Plus, we believe that learning should be intuitive, empowering, meaningful, and exciting. We always put ourselves in the learner’s shoes. Our eLearning instructional design specialists will listen to you and understand your needs. They’ll know exactly how to help you achieve your training goals.

And guess what? They’re madly passionate about education and truly believe that knowledge changes the world for the better. They’re organized, curious, and they fiercely chase the answers to their questions.

Our process

We dig into the details of the subject matter and then identify key takeaways for your learners.

We also add edtech to the equation as well as user experience techniques. We know that learners learn best when we connect their hearts and minds. That’s our Neurolearning™ approach.

After we know your audience, we:

  • Analyze the goal of the course
  • Define a strategy for reaching that goal
  • Determine the learning objectives
  • Outline the content of the course according to the strategy
  • Write audio scripts

And once we design the course, our creative team creates the course, starting with storyboards.

Learning tailored to your needs

Every organization is unique, which means that a one-size-fits-all eLearning course might not satisfy all your needs. But don’t worry! We’re the instructional design agency that can help you.

We design highly customized learning experiences just for your learners. And when we say “just for your learners,” we mean it.

Our instructional designers make important decisions that lead your learners to achieving the course’s goal. Here are some questions they answer during the decision-making process:

  • eLearning or blended learning?
  • Microlearning?
  • Web-based or app-based?
  • Videos? Gamification? Storytelling?
  • How long should each learning activity last?
  • Assessment-based course progression? Optional parts? Self-paced?
  • What are the best assessment methods?

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  • Instructional designers strongly believe in the disruptive power of digital experiences. That’s why they apply their knowledge about learning to digital environments—and how they inspire digital learners. On top of that, instructional designers:

    • Deliver the learning experience that customers need
    • Understand what works best for learners
    • Use the ultimate eLearning development tools

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Sony Music ILT Conversion

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