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Create a training roadmap to keep learning on track

It’s true that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Before you can take that first step, however, you’ll need to know where you’re going and how you’ll get there. In a time of instant navigation and turn-by-turn instructions, mapping out your destination is almost second nature. If your training strategy feels a little aimless, a learning roadmap can set you on the right course. By mapping training before you launch, those first steps will be more confident, more intentional, and the start of an amazing journey for you and your learners.

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The importance of a learning roadmap

Step one is the realization that you need to train your employees. What about step two and everything that comes after? It’s not always as simple as it seems. Your organization is composed of different types of objectives, media, and most importantly, people. If you want to be truly successful, your curriculum blueprint needs to be more than just words on a page or a half-day training session; it needs to map out actionable steps and measurable objectives. Mindful goals and a purposeful approach creates a crystal clear eLearning strategy.

Define your learning roadmap

By getting to know the ins, outs, and intentions of your organization, ELM can help you define your training roadmap and goals and outline exactly what steps to take to accomplish your L&D goals.  From a training needs analysis to creating knowledge checks and measurable results, our learning roadmaps give you the tools you need to stay on track. As you follow your custom learning blueprint, you’ll move forward more confidently and be able to better assess your progress along the way.

Achieve your learning objectives

At ELM, we create plans for our customers so they can achieve both their learning objectives and business goals. Through years of experience with clients and within our own organization, we’ve found that most teams approach problems/solutions in one of three ways: overly positive, overly negative, or somewhere in the middle. That’s why we always begin with a candid and honest assessment of your own team and where you fall on the spectrum. At ELM, that middle ground is the sweet spot—what we call hopeful validation. Hopeful validation is a realistic assessment, tempered with a positive view of the future. It’s acknowledging past missteps, identifying your destination, and moving forward on your training roadmap to get there without getting sidetracked.

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  • A training roadmap is a basic blueprint for your L&D (learning & development) strategy. It consists of a learning needs analysis, learning objectives, and a content delivery outline. It reinforces your current efforts and offers new solutions to put learners on a path to success so everyone arrives at the same destination at their own pace.

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