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Nothing is more important than your employees’ safety and well-being. No matter the industry, businesses have the responsibility to create safe working environments for employees. By investing in engaging, relevant safety training, employee and employer become partners in cultivating the healthiest workplace possible. 

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Safety first for healthier employees

Whether to fulfill industry compliance requirements or to reduce workplace accidents, safety training plays a large role in employees’ overall well-being. Investing in safety training solutions sends a clear message to your employees: you care. We work with you to deliver engaging and meaningful custom safety training. Well-trained learners know what to do to stay safe and healthy in real-world scenarios, reducing accidents and contributing to a better work environment overall.

Our process

We know that safety training can often feel repetitive and obvious. When learners don’t feel like their time and intelligence is respected, they’re more likely to disengage—even when the training is vital to their personal safety. 

ELM takes a custom approach to safety training. Instead of off-the-shelf modules, we create training experiences unique to your organization. We use our experience to identify potential hazards—both physical and emotional—that could cause employees to feel unsafe. We then create learning experiences that guide learners through the practical steps they’ll need to take, checking in and testing their knowledge along the way with knowledge checks and practical scenarios. 

We put ourselves in learners’ shoes to identify issues and give them the in-the-moment tools they’ll need to make better decisions and be more proactive about their own health and safety.

How we approach safety training

Our approach to safety training solutions isn’t just a theory: it’s proven neuroscience. Information is only held within the working memory of the hippocampus for about 20 minutes. If data is not converted into long-term memory by then, it’s usually discarded by the brain and no longer available for recall or future manipulation. What’s more, the hippocampus is only great at filtering one source of information at a time. Size and simplicity matters. We break learning into smaller pieces so the hippocampus stays alert and focused while receiving information, making it easier for the brain to receive, sort, and store safety protocol and information without losing focus or giving into the temptation to multitask while learning. 

The result? Learners absorb vital safety information and convert it into long-term memory. In risky situations, they’ll be able to access that stored information quickly, reducing risky behavior or preventable accidents.

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