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Whether we’re reimagining current learning or starting from scratch, we teach organizations to hook their learners through intelligent, beautiful design that creates a new mindset. We don’t seek to overhaul an organization or even target the C-suite; instead, we seek to help organizations create training with a focus on the individual learner, from entry-level all the way to the top.

Our approach

The ELM approach starts with a people-first mindset that focuses on how learners experience material; not just what they’re supposed to know. Our experienced Neurolearning™ experts apply behavioral science for strategies that affect learners on a cognitive level. 

Utilizing the right delivery methods and complementary, intentional media, we can avoid learning as an event that users simply need to click through to complete. Impactful learning experiences are a continuous process, so we make sure to collaborate with your organization to wrap your subject matter in meaningful, practical interactions that actually modify thought and behavior. It’s that collaborative effort that really makes the magic happen between ELM and our clients.

Digital learning solutions

Our skilled team of animators, learning architects, gamification pros, and graphic designers offer custom eLearning development to meet all of your brand’s needs.

Custom eLearning

Off-the-shelf eLearning might be a quick hack, but custom eLearning gets real results.

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Learning Strategy

Scale your team with learning services and strategy from ELM Learning.

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Instructor-Led Training

We love a virtual approach, but sometimes, the best instructor is an actual instructor.

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  • ELM works mostly from scratch to create custom solutions, but we can help you find the right solution that’s best for your needs. Sometimes, we combine rapid development and custom solutions for the perfect balance (and to stay mindful of your L&D budget).

Case studies

See how we’ve taken inspired ideas and transformed them into workable realities for our clients.

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COVID Safety & Wellness Training

In March 2020, we couldn’t have predicted the way that COVID-19 would permanently change the face of the American workplace. With ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, our client, a large social media company, needed a way to disseminate new information to employees as they worked from home and (eventually) made their return to the workplace.

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Changing Hearts & Minds With Food Law

The legal department of a multinational confectionary and food products manufacturer was ready and willing to offer guidance through the production process, but found that it wasn’t being effectively utilized by employees. While they had plenty of helpful content, ELM knew that instilling confidence in the department was priority #1. Our designers helped change the way employees saw legal while highlighting what the department had to offer.

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Gamified Onboarding Experience

How do you make a new work environment feel like home on day one? A large pet retailer wanted to increase confidence in new associates so they felt comfortable in their stores. Our eLearning design made first-day training a more interactive process with plenty of in-the-moment feedback to better prepare employees to make recommendations and guide customers through the store.

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