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Whether we’re reimagining current learning or starting from scratch, we teach organizations to hook their learners through intelligent, beautiful design that creates a new mindset. We don’t seek to overhaul an organization or even target the C-suite; instead, we seek to help organizations create training with a focus on the individual learner, from entry-level all the way to the top.

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Custom eLearning

At ELM, we combine our years of experience studying focus, attention, and memory with customized learning solutions that are designed to meet your company’s unique needs. This enables us to create learning that is highly accessible so we can deliver the right combination of content, context, and impact for highly dynamic training, from the very first moment to the final page.

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Animated Videos

Animation might seem like kid stuff, but at ELM, we know that it’s a genius way to help your learners understand a bigger picture. Animation has the power to direct attention, create emotional connections, and boost engagement in learners who might otherwise miss the big picture. 

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mobile learning

Mobile Learning

Good mobile learning doesn’t treat a smartphone like an iPad or desktop; it capitalizes on the tools already there, such as location-specific information and personal settings, making the content engaging and customizable. It can get your learners’ attention with reminders or supply your team with product information when they need it most. 

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microlearning anywhere


Microlearning breaks learning down into digestible chunks. What some think of as a thorough training, might actually be overwhelming, causing learners’ brains to simply shut down when reaching max capacity. Microlearning respects the brain’s limits by breaking up the learning experience for maximum impact, and preventing learner burnout.

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Gamification in eLearning means using game elements like point scoring and competition to increase engagement with the content. Gamification isn’t a teacher; it’s an experience. Applied properly, gamification can help you level up to better learning.

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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training can be combined with other delivery methods and technology to encourage debate, offer hands-on learning opportunities, and give learners a chance to practice their new skills in a safe space before applying them at work. When properly prepared with the right materials and learning path, an instructor becomes less of a presenter and more of a facilitator helping learners experience personal growth.

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