Developing a Learning Culture

5 Ways To Effectively Teach Soft Skills To Your Sales Team [Infographic]

We all know that the best sales people have the “it” factor that no one seems to be able to describe. It’s in the way they communicate to a customer, that connects with them beyond the surface level, and spawns an immediate likeability and trust. Sales managers wish they could clone this person’s hard to train skill set, and many try to by creating training initiatives. Unfortunately, most sales training programs are missing an important focus.

Your sales team can have all of the product knowledge in the world, and the product can basically sell itself, but if they don’t understand how to connect with people from an emotional standpoint, sales will suffer.

A buyer will make a decision to purchase rooted in the equivalent amount of logical facts and emotional impulses.

Most sales people know and understand the buyer’s journey, but many forget to view the sales process through the lens of the buyer’s psychology. We aren’t robots! So you can’t expect anyone to make a purchasing decision on product features alone.

This is where soft skills come into play. Most sales training does a poor job of addressing, and effectively teaching and building soft skills in their sales team.

Here’s our 5 step guide to effective soft skills training we’ve successfully implemented for top Fortune 500 brands.

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