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10 Best eLearning Blogs for L&D Professionals

Have you ever been stuck in a bout of L&D block? You know that you want to come up with something engaging and impactful, but you’re stuck creating the same modules again and again. Hey, it happens to the best of us! The difference between run-of-the-mill pros and real visionaries is admitting that you need inspiration.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite eLearning blogs and websites to help you reignite your eLearning passion and come up with new L&D solutions for your organization.

1. ELM Learning Blog

OK, stick with us: Why not start here? Our ELM Learning blog is packed with resources, insights, trends, and tips for engaging your learners on an emotional level. We’re big on storytelling, and we love sharing our tips for more inclusive and accessible eLearning.

2. eLearning Provocateur

In his blog,  eLearning Provocateur, L&D innovator Ryan Tracey shares a full menu of real-life experiences. He’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest L&D conferences, share anecdotes from his extensive experience in eLearning consulting, and even break down complex eLearning topics into engaging illustrations for quick bites of insight. 

3. LearnLets

Despite its diminutive name, LearnLets is a meta learning blog that zooms out on the industry, thanks to the guidance of eLearning expert Clark Quinn. His site guides you through ways to make your training more meaningful as he offers insights and stories from his 30+ years in educational technology. Take his cue to break down the “why” first for more impactful experiences with your learners. 

4. Josh Bersin

Hardly a well-kept secret within the L&D space, we couldn’t create a list of the best eLearning blogs and leave out industry star Josh Bersin. His reputation for interesting insights reaffirms our position that data is beautiful. Visit his site and sign up for the email list and you’ll be the first to know when Josh releases a new report. The more you know! 

5. Harold Jarche

We’ve always believed that people learn best when they create their own learning experiences, and Harold Jarche agrees. His commitment to Personal Knowledge Mastery, or PMK, is the basis for his blog, where he teaches about utilizing sensory experiences to encourage training the whole learner. You’ll find tons of free content and available workshops to delve deeper into his philosophy. 

6. Bottom Line Performance

If multimedia is more your jam, Bottom Line Performance has you covered with a wide variety of audio, video, blogs, and interviews to help you brush up on the latest L&D trends. It’s a true “meeting of the minds” blog with plenty of contributors, so the content never feels stale. 

7. Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd is dedicated to introducing training to the digital age, making his blog a great resource for those hoping to harness all things digital in their eLearning materials. Julian also develops learning resources with a holistic approach, creating content not just for learners, but entire organizations. Visit his blog if you feel like your eLearning could use a more human and emotional connection. (Hint: It almost always does.) 

8. G-Cube

For a quick update of just about everything going on in the L&D space, head over to the G-Cube blog for a roundup of the latest and greatest. Updated several times a day, G-Cube flawlessly aggregates eLearning news and trends so you aren’t left searching for—or worse, missing— what’s really going on in the L&D industry. 

9. GoSkills Blog

The GoSkills website is packed with positive, timely resources that can help you tackle some of your biggest challenges. Whether it’s helping small business employees navigate through their new virtual workspaces, boosting morale, or tips for better eLearning design, we love that GoSkills makes their content approachable for any business owner—not just industry pros. 

10. aconventional by Nick Shackleton-Jones

Stuck in the same old conventions and ideas? eLearning consultant Nick Shackleton-Jones seeks to serve up something new with his blog, aconventional. A masterful storyteller, Nick uses everyday experiences to find a story and opportunity to learn in just about every situation. Check out this blog if your creative juices feel like they’re running dry or you just need a jolt of emotion to get you into your next big project. 

You’re not in this alone. While these are our top eLearning blogs, there are thousands to choose from. Keep an eye out for L&D pros and companies that inspire you to build a reading list of insights, thought leadership, and the community we all crave.