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Hack Your Digital Learning: Guerilla L&D Creates More Compelling Content

Whether you have a huge L&D budget or you’re working with something more along the lines of a shoestring, digital learning can definitely increase your tab. Obviously high-level, expertly produced videos and modules will cost you a pretty penny, but they’re not always the ultimate way to connect with your learners.

As a digital learning company, it might seem counterintuitive to tell you that you don’t always need to blow your budget on the perfect module. In some cases, you can create learning experiences with minimal cost and a casual connection with your learners. In fact, younger learners might even appreciate an economical approach more than a shiny, polished module. Learn how this guerilla approach to digital learning can work for you (and when it might not be your best bet).

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Candid Camera

If you’ve spent any time learning about digital marketing, you’ve probably heard the name Marie Forleo. She’s one of the most popular voices online when it comes to building a brand. And, while it’s true that she offers polished, professional courses (for a price), she’s more well-known for her organic, candid approach to digital learning. With an iPhone and a tripod, she creates some of her most compelling content on the fly.

It’s a shift we’re seeing more and more in the L&D world. Rather than a complicated and monolithic LMS, YouTube videos suffice. Instead of actor portrayals, a trusted mentor works wonders. This approach creates an intimacy between instructor and student for a stronger connection and a complete change in tone which is particularly suited to teaching millennials. Think about it: they’re used to more casual interactions and want to be talked to like real people. They don’t connect with the highly produced; they want something more authentic.

C’mon, Get Scrappy

One of the best ways to use guerilla digital learning is to bookend your digital content with a human touch. Maybe you still use traditional digital learning modules for more precise, serious topics, but you have your CEO introduce the course and then wrap it up once it’s done. This “bookending” can lend an air of humanity to sometimes technical topics. It’s the perfect way to drum up interest, connect the learner to the material, and support your company’s culture at the same time.

Everyone’s guerilla digital learning might look a little different. Some might build a website that tracks UX in order to ditch the LMS. Others might use quick videos as a way to market their new digital learning modules. Others use daily videos to support mentor relationships as a way to supplement L&D efforts. The trick is to get scrappy and think outside the LMS for digital learning opportunities.

A budget should never be the deciding factor in creating compelling digital learning content. Whether you can afford a $40K production or you’re scraping together free stock photography, the most important factor is the connection you create between you and your audience. Armed with an iPhone and a video editing app, you can hack your L&D to supplement whatever content you currently have and create something spectacular.