Building Great Leaders

Mind the Gap: How eLearning Overcomes the Leadership Gap

You could pull together a group of the most amazing talent available, but unless those individuals are primed to lead, you won’t get the results you want. Consider it the leadership gap: A lack of engagement, leadership qualities and succession in otherwise talented employees. Some organizations have turned to eLearning to spark engagement, increase teamwork and prep middle management for higher leadership roles. Here’s three reasons why:

Custom eLearning Drives Engagement

One of the strongest catalysts to an ever-widening leadership gap is apathy and a lack of engagement at work. A disconnect between the work, employee roles and their interest level forces a larger gap. Custom eLearning seeks to get employees more involved and engaged with subject matter by igniting intelligent discussion, requiring action and offering multiple ways to practice new ideas.

Improving Company Succession

Part of the devastation of the leadership gap is when organizations lose their best talent to other companies The result is a hire, train and repeat life cycle. eLearning helps keep talent in the organization by prepping employees to take on more responsibility. Farmer’s Insurance found eLearning was particularily useful for helping soon to be promoted employees. They were able to smoothly adapt to higher roles and their talents stayed in the company.

Encouraging Teamwork Through eLearning Exercises

Coworkers should be competitive, not cut throat. When employees constantly see their colleagues as adversaries, it causes a lack of teamwork, sharing of ideas and working together for the good of the company. Introducing eLearning as a means of discussion for new concepts and ideas, along with tools like role play, can help coworkers remember they’re playing for the same team.