Developing a Learning Culture

Human Resource Development Through eLearning

Today’s human resource department barely resembles the HR department of the 20th century. The old functions of hiring, firing and tracking infractions such as tardiness along the route from hiring to firing have given way to a broader function. Recruiting and training are still the main function of HR, but the expanded function helps to drive more training than in the past. Each of the following HR functions offers an opportunity for scalable eLearning or blended approaches to training.

Recruiting and Training

When large numbers of employees are hired at once, companies often take a blended approach with some classroom or auditorium orientation to welcome employees to the family followed by eLearning tailored to the individual employee’s job responsibilities. However, when the company hires only a few employees at a time, it makes sense to deliver the orientation via eLearning followed by a personal welcome.

Improving Employee Performance

With employees scattered across the globe, many employees interact solely through email. In a recent CNBC article “Why Johnny can’t write, and why employers are mad,” the article reports that writing skills have diminished thanks to texting, and employers such at T. Rowe Price offer remedial training to bring otherwise qualified employees up to speed.

BYOD and mLearning for polishing soft skills such as employee dispute resolution, motivation, etc., can use vignettes and gamification to drive home the finer points. Mentoring through social media can augment the formal eLearning and involve employees across a wide spectrum of departments.

Encouraging Career Development

While job changes often benefit the individual, the cost of churning employees is steep, and business looks for ways to retain exceptional employees while shedding those easily replaced at a lesser cost. Rather than constantly recruiting and training, HR can encourage the best employees to find a career path within the company, and that always involves training.

State, Local and Federally Mandated Training

Safety training, regulatory training, sensitivity training—it never stops. “Whatever happened to common sense and common courtesy,” you might wonder. You can keep wondering, but somewhere behind the curtain, an army of bureaucrats is paid to think up a steady flow of mandated trainings. Rather than waste time on an equally endless flow of complaints, laughter and other distractions in a classroom setting, custom eLearning cuts to the chase, delivers the training efficiently, and can be updated whenever new winds blow through from the regulatory agencies.