Developing a Learning Culture

4 Ways to Increase Training Retention through eLearning

In workplace training, learner retention is the gold standard for measuring the effectiveness of your course material, instructor and delivery method. Without sufficient retention rates, it’s in one ear – and gone by the time your learner heads for the conference room door. By switching up your methods, you can boost the efficiency of your training to facilitate better information retention in – and out – of class.

Savor the Flavor with Smaller Portions

Think about it: The best restaurants serve their finest quality food in smaller portions. The same goes for learning. When you chop subject matter in more digestible parts, you increase retention for each subject. In general, you should be able to fit all of your key points on an index card for max retention opportunity.

A Quick Check In Goes a Long Way

Your work isn’t done once your learners leave the classroom. Instead, checking in frequently, offering reminders, facts and other bits of information can trigger retention even after the course is over. A text alert, shared video or startup reminder can be enough to help learners remember the important stuff.

Increase Opportunities for Involved Learning

In short, engaged learners are like sponges: They soak up the subject material better than those who simple watch and listen. Create opportunities for your learners to get involved during your training through role playing, taking quizzes, playing games (with incentives)and asking discussion questions. The more your learners are active participants, the better their retention rates.

eLearn to Tell a Story

While bullet points are often held as the standard for training, you might get better results by switching up your method to a narrative approach. Customer service training, for example, is more effective if you skip the bullet points and tell a story about the customer first: Who is she, and why is she calling? This creates an emotional connection between learner and training, which is perfect for increasing retention.