Developing a Learning Culture

Inject New Life into Existing eLearning Modules with Social Learning

Picture it. The corporate learning officer calls a meeting to discuss social learning. The good news is that all that nagging and whining from learners got the powers that be finally to recognize the merits of social learning. The bad news is that you have to somehow incorporate social learning into existing eLearning modules. There must be some way to upgrade existing modules without outsourcing this massive project. Of course, but a little help from an experienced vendor can ease the transition while you learn how to practice what you’ve been hoping for—an upgraded eLearning strategy that addresses the needs of your learners.

What’s All the Fuss About Social Learning

It’s engaging. Period. Full stop. The more you engage your learners, the more they learn, the quicker they learn, and the more they retain. Social learning allows them to more easily translate what they learn to how to use it in the workplace. Blogs, forums, chat, polls, feeds, etc., allow learners to continue their education outside the ‘classroom’ and to assemble their own Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). In a phrase, social learning leads to a more educated workforce, easily allowing for promotion from within.

Add an LMS and Abracadabra… You’re Social

If you don’t have the capability for social learning, you’re using a legacy Learning Management System (LMS) or (horror of horrors) not using one at all. An LMS is a central repository that automates eLearning deployment and assessment, and optionally social learning, depending on the system you choose. Sooner or later, you’re going to need an LMS to manage your corporate eLearning, and adding one is the easiest route to incorporating social learning.

New LMS vs. Social Learning Plug-In

If you don’t already use an LMS, you’re in luck. Yes, really. Now, you can select a system that you won’t outgrow next week or next year. It’ll have all the latest and greatest bells and whistles, complete with metrics to track and assess learners as well as a full complement of social learning tools. If you’re happy with your existing LMS, it might be as simple as selecting a social learning add-on. If you’re new to social learning, selecting an independent consultant can help you break through vendor hype by assessing your needs and helping you to select the LMS that just right for your corporate learning strategy.