Instructional Design

Integrating Microlearning into an Existing eLearning Strategy

If you already have an eLearning strategy firmly in place, you might wonder why you would need anything else. Before you consider your training and eLearning sorted, you may be missing part of the puzzle if you neglect to add microlearning to your strategy. While eLearning software and training can help an organization teach new concepts, it’s microlearning – short, condensed and interactive lessons – that put those new concepts to practice. Integrate more into your current strategy to create a perfect mix of concepts that really hit home.

Timed Interaction

While in the middle of an eLearning lesson or training, learners may have the chance to answer discussion questions or take a quick quiz. But you might end up losing some of that new found knowledge when your learners move onto other chapters. Microlearning quizzes, tips or videos sent straight to their phones or emails can help learners retain some of that new knowledge by immediately putting it to work. By timing interaction to match eLearning subject matter, there’s twice the impact.

Tips

If you can fit it on an index card, you can create a tip for a quick microlearning lesson. By toggling sign-in settings for office email, signing into an eLearning module or other startup action to display a tip, link or video, you ensure that your learners get a dose of information anytime. It preps them to learn and it can help learners remember past topics.

Part of Routine

Wake up; hit “Snooze;” check phone – read microlesson? By making microlearning part of your learners’ everyday routine, it becomes fully integrated into their schedules. The beauty of mini-lessons are that they can be absorbed anytime, anywhere. By asking that learners check a video as part of their lunch break or other down time, you make better use of their time and max out your results.