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Microlearning Roundup: How To Use This Micro Trend in a Big Way

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Microlearning is a term used in digital learning that has garnered a lot of interest; all types of companies have implemented it as part of their learning programs. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t always be more to learn about this short, catching learning trend.

If you type microlearning into Google, you get about 344,000 results. That’s a lot of information to take in all at once and would be pretty hard to garner a true understanding of the topic. So we decided to help you and your company out by compiling our best information into one blog where you could get to know the subject better from one source. Below we have six links to blogs that will cover a wide array of information on this microlearning trend. Happy learning!

  1. One conception surrounding this learning trend is that it only works to refresh skills but we propose that it also can help you teach employees new skills:
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  1. Here are three secrets that you should know about to use this micro trend that can help to boost employee skills:
  1. When it comes to going to a conference, how much do you really remember? Well with bite-sized learning, you can be sure to remember more on whatever topic fascinated you in the first place:
  1. Take a look at how Duolingo incorporated micro lessons into its language program and what they can teach us:
  1. Most people look to YouTube as being the ultimate source for bite-sized learning but we believe that this site ultimately hurts the learning trend:

Hopefully, you were able to learn a little more about this micro sized learning trend that will help your company implement it for your learners. If you’re ready to get started on a micro trend learning program, let us know about it here.

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