Instructional Design

Mobilizing Your Mobile Salesforce Through eLearning

Engaging a mobile salesforce essentially revolutionizes the selling process. Gone are the days when your salesforce needed to be in the office to train, learn and sell. Today satellite branches to the airport can be a sales office. But tablets and smartphones aren’t just ideal for pitching and selling: They’re the perfect complement to your training methods, even when your salesforce is on the job.

Mid-Flight Performance and Support

Even the most natural salespeople had to hone their technique, especially when it comes to new products and services. Sending quick mini-lessons, flash cards or emails to mobile devices means your mobile salesforce is always thinking about improved sales and better sales tactics. Whether it’s a new way to pitch an old product or always being available to answer questions, eLearning enhances sales performance.

Instant Information via Mobile Devices

Perhaps one of the biggest benefit of selling in the digital age is the fact that information is constantly at your fingertips. And whether it’s new data, products specs or even customer testimonials, you can make sure your salesforce is always up to date with quick tips and product sheets sent directly to their phones. They can use that information to study up or even show potential customers to educate them on products and services to streamline the selling process.

Sales Collaborations Helps Everyone Soar

There’s a reason you call it a sales team: While many salespeople prefer to fly solo, sharing industry and knowledge is a vital part of keeping your team in the know. Sending out discussion questions via email and then talking about the subject matter in a face-to-face training session helps you make the most of the time you have with your mobile salesforce before they hit the road again. It allows your sales team to see each other as colleagues – not competition.