Measuring Impact

5 Reasons to Keep eLearning Development in the U.S.

There are times when offshore development makes plenty of sense to help drive down costs and get faster results. While that approach may work for manufacturing products, it may not be the best way to think of eLearning development. When you need quality curriculum and consistent results, keep operations stateside for the best possible outcome. Find out when and why U.S. development is best.

1. Better Communication Between Both eLearning Teams

Not only can your communication get lost in translation when you’re trying to plan, design and develop eLearning programs, but communication becomes even more difficult when you factor in time changes and cultures. You might need to desperately talk media, but your partner is halfway around the world – and probably in bed.

2. Consistency Comes From History

When you choose a U.S.-based learning partner, you have the opportunity to check out their latest projects and even talk to past clients to ensure you’re working with the best and can score consistent results. When choosing an offshore partner, you may not get the same benefits.

3. Better Quality = Better Employees

Sure, going overseas might save you a buck or two, but are you really comparing apples to apples? Broken features, a lack of media and other quality-related issues could mean your inexpensive program costs you and your employees in the long run.

4. Timezones Impact Deadlines

It’s another place where time zones and adequate supervision can affect your project: Timeliness can become a factor. Offshore eLearning partners may not be able to operate on the timeline you require, which can result in missed deadlines and a drawn-out, unpleasant design process.

5. Project Management Should Be Easy

eLearning project management is tricky in the sense that it is hard to manage, schedule, oversee and delegate a project for which you’re not directly connected with. While an offshore partner may be able to give status reports, you might miss the opportunity to properly manage and ensure the results are exactly what you want.