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Roundup Series: The Search for Sales Training

Sometimes when you’re really absorbed by a topic (like sales training), you can get slowed down in the bogs of the interwebs, trying to find enough information to satisfy your craving for learning; but what happens when you’re out of viable links and are already on the second “O” at the bottom of the page?

We know the struggle so we compiled our best information on “Sales Training” to you give you some creative learning solutions to quench your curiosity without having to search the vast interwebs to find it. If you already have a project in sales training you want to get started on, let us know about it here.

Now, check out our best stuff on sales training:

1. Brush up on the basic fundamentals of sales training that our ELM expert explored here:

2. A sales training session isn’t complete without discussing “soft skills”. Explore this infographic to learn 5 ways you can effectively teach this skill:

3. Our very own Sales Operations Analyst teaches 3 areas of sales training that will help you manage your leads and improve sourcing, and produce well-rounded, tech-savvy salespeople:

4. For a sales team that’s always on the go, go, go, how are you supposed to get their training to them? Click below to discover the secret:

5. One more blog on soft skills because they really are vital to your client relationship. These are the 4 soft skills your sale team (and other employees) need in 2017:

6. If you’re a manager you should have some sales training techniques in your tool belt. Here are the 5 we suggest:

We hope that this roundup helps you on your journey to discover the best way to deliver training to your sales team. If there is more you want to know, check our blog every week for new content.