Instructional Design

Special Delivery: How 10-Second Training Can Improve Microlearning

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Snapchat Stories: They’re a fun way to check in on friends and even generating buzz, but could they be the next big thing for eLearning? Probably not. Unfortunately, Snapchat Stories–while super entertaining and hyper-condensed–might seem like a natural fit for microlearning, the format might put too heavy an emphasis on the “micro.”

Luckily, Snapchat Stories are just one format on an entire menu of microlearning and mLearning delivery options. By exploring how organizations can condense learning into something palatable, convenient, and portable, it could unlock new strategy for learning delivery.

Macro & Micro Learning

There’s a reason that microlearning has remained a trending topic among eLearning enthusiasts: It works. By shrinking down information to something easily delivered and quickly digested, organizations who adopt microlearning elbow their way into learners’ attention spans. But the question remains: What’s the best way to deliver those bite-sized pieces of information? On one hand, it needs to be easily palatable–but not so small that the value of the information is lost in translation.

Text delivery might be one way, but we know that most learners are visual. Therefore, short videos can act as a bridge between microlearning delivery and actual high-value content.

Instagram Intelligence

Almost everyone has used Instagram for learning, even if they don’t realize it. Those 15-second makeup tutorials, cooking videos, or extreme sports captures are more than just entertaining; they’re educational, too.

Consider the potential of harnessing the power of a delivery method like Instagram: Learners are already there, and tutorials and informational videos can be set to autoplay when scrolling by. It’s a natural way to capture learner attention without being intrusive. Here are a few other reasons to consider Instagram as a 10-second training machine:

  • It’s quick. Instagram videos can only be 15 seconds or less, and even the busiest person has 15 seconds. The promise of quick, palatable training means you’re more likely to grab attention. Fifteen seconds of unbroken attention may prove to be more beneficial of 30 minutes of a disengaged learner.
  • Videos can be repeated. Didn’t quite catch that? No worries: Instagram videos can be repeated over and over again, which is where they reign supreme over Snapchat Stories. The ability to check and recheck can help lower learner stress.
  • Social videos can be a catalyst for more training. It’s possible to use social video as a way to drum up interest in training. By using fun videos to hype training, it’s possible to set the tone for future interactions, even if they don’t solely take place on Snapchat, Instagram, or another social networking site.

Thinking outside the box (or training module) can yield amazing results when you’re attempting to capture learner attention. Microlearning and mLearning are ideal for capitalizing on the ways your learners already spend their leisure time, so mini eLearning can have a huge impact on training strategy.