Developing a Learning Culture

4 Ways to Make Training More Fun for Repeat Learners

Engaging learners when the material is new to them is challenging enough. Engaging the ones who have been there and done that? It’s a different beast altogether. Repeat learners may be required to be present for mandatory training, but you don’t have to bore them with the same old details. Adding some allowance for repeat learners can make the process more fun and less of a chore.

Add Incentives to Increase Engagement

Even if the material is a repeat, past learners might be more apt to come and participate if you offer incentives. It can be as simple as treats in the conference room, gift cards for participants who give the right answers or a prize for the learner who scores the highest on an exit quiz. It’s simply a method to “pay” repeat learners for their attendance – again.

Introduce Gamification

By switching up your delivery method, you grab the attention of all your learners – even those who have attended before. Gamification, for instance, is an excellent way to engage learners in the material while offering you the best opportunity to observe and analyze efficiency. From role playing to Q&A gaming apps, it’s one way to make sure repeat learners brush up on their skills without being completely bored.

Give Learners Freedom with Multiple Options

Why penalize repeat leaders for attending training again? By forcing them to follow the same material as everyone else, you’re essentially disregarding their past involvement. Instead, offer options to “test out” of chapters and topics, using quizzes and discussion questions that allow you to assess their knowledge base and respect their past participation.

Condense the Material into Smaller Portions

Whenever possible, condense material down from walls of text to quick-fire videos, flash cards and refresher courses. While you delve deeper with the first-time learners, your repeat customers can view the condensed material as a way to refresh their memories, rather than retaking the same course again.