Dawn Foods Brand Training

What we made

Empowering and Actionable Brand Training

The issue

Dawn Foods sought to instill effective brand advocacy skills among its global team, ensuring consistent and impactful brand communication


Project highlights

  • Modular, learner-centric courses packed with engaging visuals elevated brand messaging
  • Collaborative design approach turned knowledge into practical, sustainable learning experiences

The issue

Brand Advocacy Breakthrough

Dawn Foods, renowned for its bakery manufacturing expertise since 1920, faced a challenge aligning its global team’s brand understanding and communication. While the company boasted a storied legacy and a strong market presence, there existed a significant disparity between the brand’s reputation and its internal training initiatives. Dawn Foods’ executives recognized a critical need to bridge this gap, ensuring consistent brand advocacy and messaging across its global workforce of brand champions.

The company aimed to transform its employees into effective brand advocates who could convey Dawn Foods’ essence consistently, fostering a unified brand image globally. The challenge lay in crafting a comprehensive learning experience that would equip team members with the knowledge, tools, and processes to effectively promote Dawn Foods’ brand identity.


The journey

Crafting Training Fit For Brand Champions

ELM initiated a collaborative Learning Experience Design (LXD) session, identifying gaps between foundational brand awareness and the advanced training required for brand champions. The team then strategically designed modular, learner-centric courses tailored for brand champions and aspiring advocates. These courses, rich in engaging visuals and assessments, aimed to deepen participants’ understanding of Dawn Foods’ brand identity, unique selling points, and core values.

The tailored training approach comprised bite-sized, application-focused modules, allowing participants to absorb and retain key brand concepts effectively. ELM ensured flexibility, enabling learners to complete modules at their convenience while reinforcing comprehension through assessments.

Through a meticulous collaboration, ELM and Dawn Foods transformed basic brand awareness into actionable, application-level skills, fostering a culture of effective brand advocacy and communication.

The outcome

Amplified Brand Advocacy

Empowered with enriched brand knowledge and honed communication skills, the brand champions and team members became fervent advocates for Dawn Foods’ essence. Their consistent, confident articulation of the brand’s values and unique selling propositions fostered a cohesive brand image across diverse touchpoints.

The training’s success wasn’t merely measured in accolades but in the tangible improvements witnessed within the company. Employees reported heightened motivation, enhanced preparedness, and a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled brand experiences. This transformation elevated Dawn Foods’ market presence and reinforced its brand recognition on a global scale, marking a significant stride toward sustained brand excellence.