Elevating Cybersecurity Awareness with Experiential Training

What we made

To effectively engage learners, ELM developed a cybersecurity training focused on experiential learning, gamification, and behavioral change.

The issue

Traditional training methods often fall short in preparing employees to combat evolving cyber threats, necessitating innovative approaches.

Project highlights

  • The four-week course structure immersed employees in a cybersecurity-awareness journey.
  • Goal-driven outcomes motivated participants, while continuous assessment reinforced learning.
  • The program empowered employees to become cybersecurity heroes, resulting in improved awareness and risk mitigation.

The issue

Addressing the Cybersecurity Challenge

In an era where cyber threats evolve with alarming speed, the significance of robust cybersecurity training has never been more critical. Traditional training methods have proven increasingly ineffective, unable to keep pace with the sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks. This inadequacy highlights a pressing need for a transformative approach to cybersecurity education. Recognizing this necessity, a leading international cybersecurity company sought ELM Learning’s expertise to develop a superior training solution. Their goal was to address these shortcomings by equipping clients with the skills and knowledge essential for defending against and mitigating modern cyber threats, thereby enhancing their overall security posture.

The journey

An Immersive Cybersecurity Training Experience

ELM’s learning experience design team determined this innovative cybersecurity training program needed to broken out across a four-week immersive journey, aligning key features to drive engagement and behavioral change. Highly visual and experiential, the training emphasized goal-driven outcomes, integrated gamification for motivation, and applied continuous assessment to reinforce learning. Divided into four modules that learners could take multiple times, the course began with foundational awareness, deepened understanding of threats, encouraged collaboration in threat response, and culminated in participants becoming cybersecurity heroes, equipping them with practical skills and fostering a culture of vigilance.

The outcome

Empowering Cybersecurity Heroes

This new cybersecurity training program, which was ultimately delivered to over 250 clients across 10+ countries  yielded significant results for the international company:

  • Improved awareness: Employees gained a deeper understanding of cybersecurity concepts, leading to increased awareness and vigilance in identifying potential threats.
  • Behavioral change: By emphasizing real-world application, the training successfully promoted behavioral change among employees. They became proactive in implementing cybersecurity best practices.
  • Engagement and motivation: The gamification elements fostered engagement and motivation throughout the training, with employees actively participating to earn points and recognition.
  • Risk mitigation: The company observed a decrease in cybersecurity incidents and vulnerabilities as employees became more capable of recognizing and addressing potential threats.

ELM’s focus on experiential learning, goal-driven outcomes, gamification, continuous assessment, and behavioral change, proved to be a successful approach in preparing employees to combat evolving cyber threats. By immersing employees in a cybersecurity awareness story and empowering them to be heroes, the training not only educated but also inspired a cultural shift towards cybersecurity vigilance. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative training methods in today’s cybersecurity landscape.