Corporate Training

Upskill your workforce

Corporate training gets a bad rap, and rightly so. It can be long, dated, and boring. At ELM, we create engaging corporate learning experiences that inspire and motivate learners.

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Compliance Training

Finally, a compliance training program that was created to inspire.

soft skills

Soft Skills Training

Improve your employees’ soft skills over time through personalized learning that fosters empathy.

brand training

Brand Training

Employees who are knowledgeable about their company’s brand serve as the best resource to promote it.


Onboarding Training

Give new hires the best opportunity to succeed from day one.


Diversity Training

Successful companies do not just tolerate differences between people, they value them.

safety training

Safety Training

Minimize workplace injuries and accidents through in-depth safety training.

workplace harassment training

Workplace Harassment

Abolish harassment at work with approachable content and a clear no-tolerance policy.

sales enablement

Sales Enablement

Provide sales with the right tools at the right time. So they can focus on doing what they do best.

product training

Product Training

Turn employees into ambassadors through engaging corporate product training.

technical training

Technical Training

The key to success starts with the right training, easy access to resources, and an informed workforce.

software simulation

Software Simulation

Use software simulations to safely and effectively introduce software functionality to your employees.

marketing and communications

Marketing and Communications

Develop cohesive strategies to capture customer attention and drive products to market.



Protect teams from risks through a corporate culture of security compliance.

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