This isn’t your father’s training! eLearning isn’t just for students and employees. It’s also for customers and potential customers. Have you noticed that all the 30-minute commercial vendors upload short videos to the Internet? That’s retail training—they’re training you to buy, and it doesn’t cost them one additional dime!

TRAINING B2B CUSTOMERS saves time and money in support. Instead of waiting interminably for the next “customer service agent,” they can play short videos to explore a function of your product or troubleshoot a problem. The customer who finds a five-minute interactive solution on your site leaves a satisfied customer. Retail customers are well trained to check YouTube, so short videos on YouTube reach an audience in search of a solution.

SALES TRAINING NEVER ENDS. Rather than disrupting your sales effort with constant sales meetings and taking the only employees that add to the bottom line out of circulation, short mini-trainings accessible from the team’s smartphones SAVES TIME AND MONEY as well as frustration for the sales people who would rather be selling.

A robust eLearning program frees many resources that you can deploy elsewhere in the business. On-demand eLearning, coupled with social learning allows motivated learners to increase their skill set and their value to the company.