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A more strategic approach to training, instructional design allows us to create holistic learning opportunities based on the best content and delivery.

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What makes instructional design different?

A traditional instructional designer builds courses and modules based upon a solid foundation of adult learning theory. They chunk the material, dig into the details, tease it apart, and identify key information that a learner needs to know. Then, they align that material with a course delivery based on these learning models. Instead of attempting to shoehorn all training into the same type of content and delivery, our instructional design services take a strategic approach that begins with discovery and ends with intelligent delivery.

Smart, beautiful instructional design

Our instructional design team is led by designers who understand learners on a deeper level than most. Our neurolearning-first approach means we’re always thinking about the best way to engage learners’ brains and convert knowledge into long-term memory. This usually means deep discovery with each organization we work with—getting to know past learning gaps, content, and what eventual success really looks like. As we take the time to meticulously learn and plan, we’re better able to create learning experiences that are specifically designed and delivered with those goals in mind. Our instructional design is an intelligent and intentional approach that brings better results.

Data-driven instructional design

Our approach always begins with an excavation of your organization, your learners, and your goals. When we design with intent, we focus on including only those elements that improve the experience and the chance of success for our specific learners. Here’s the equation: observations of data lead to intent; intent leads to a concept; and that concept leads to execution. 

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  • The short answer is “No.”

    The instructional design process brings important benefits to corporate training. An instructional designer knows many ways of promoting knowledge, skill, or behavior acquisition. Moreover, they know how to choose the best way—strategies, methods, and technologies—for each project.

    Instructional designers rely on instructional design models to create engaging and effective training solutions. The learning content, activities, assessments, and overall learning experiences that they design also increase knowledge retention and recall.

    Oh! At the same time, an instructional designer keeps client needs and learner profiles top of mind.

Case studies

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COVID Safety & Wellness Training

In March 2020, we couldn’t have predicted the way that COVID-19 would permanently change the face of the American workplace. With ever-changing guidelines and recommendations, our client, a large social media company, needed a way to disseminate new information to employees as they worked from home and (eventually) made their return to the workplace.

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Unconscious Bias Training Program

A global company knows that personalities, backgrounds, and culture are what makes an organization truly great. At the same time, our client, a large employment website, also knew that managers might need a refresher on confronting their unconscious biases to more effectively and empathetically lead their teams. Our project with Indeed focused on illustrations and scenarios that gave managers a more holistic idea of what leadership looks like in 2021.

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Sony Music ILT Conversion

Sony was spending a lot of their training budget on logistics. From taking time off work to paying for travel, it was clear that their typical live instructor-led training wasn’t the most efficient use of funds. ELM helped Sony convert their robust training program into a video-based approach without losing out on the emotional connection and social interaction of more traditional methods.

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