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Engage your workforce with job aids & infographics

Job aids and infographics are simple ways to convey clear messages. We use extensive learning experience design to create job aids that catch your learners’ eye and earn their attention. 

Job aids and infographics can be PDFs, images, quick videos, smartphone apps—whatever format helps learners solve a problem or allows them to quickly access information when they need it. 

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When to use job aids & infographics

Job aids and infographics help learners complete a task or quickly understand a concept. Think: flowcharts, checklists, pie charts, cheat sheets, quick reference guides, process diagrams, note cards, and organization charts. If information can be distilled into simple graphics, we can use them to tell a story and capture your learners’ attention.

Job aid design can often be overwhelming, confusing, or just plain boring. Stock photography and text-heavy content leaves learners disengaged and sometimes even scratching their heads. We create job aids that are as eye-catching as they are clear. By combining the brain’s two favorite learning tools—stories and graphics—infographics and job aids are an effective way to keep information top-of-mind and easily accessible whenever your learners need it. 

Infographics and job aids are best used to help learners complete a task or remind them of information they learned in training. Whatever the content, it’s important for the format of job aids and infographics to match the intended purpose. Quick review of employee onboarding? Consider a checklist. Troubleshooting a program glitch? A flowchart with decision trees or an eLearning tutorial may be the answer. Want to show trends? Animated images or engaging line graphics could be the ticket. Want to help learners complete a specific task such as uploading a document? Consider a quick reference card or quick online tutorial.

Why use custom job aids & infographics?

The grinning woman eating a salad; the perfectly multicultural meeting; the man with a headset: these are the standards for stock photography. Text-heavy lists and stock photography posters in the break room are a surefire way to end up with content that might be seen but is never heard. 

What may work for an anonymous website doesn’t have the same impact when you’re trying to get learners to sit up and pay attention. Custom designed job aids and infographics are a better path to perpetual, in-the-moment learning. We create job aids that:

  • Remove conscious bias. Stock photography or out-of-date graphics make it hard for learners to truly “see” themselves in your job aids and learning materials. We create truly diverse illustrations and graphics that help you reduce your organization’s unconscious biases and take a step in the right direction. 
  • Direct focus. Wordy job aids result in a case of too much information. Job aids with more graphics than text direct learner focus to need-to-know information that is accessible, quick, and digestible. 
  • Feel hyper-relevant. Learners often scan pages to pick out the most relevant information. Our job aid design process helps pick out the must-have information for engaging infographics and can create longer-form eLearning modules for everything else. 
  • Tell customizable stories. Creating custom illustrations and job aids means we can easily customize and change the stories they tell. Whether you need to add an extra step to a checklist or you’re changing a statistic, our job aid design service means you can always keep your content fresh and relevant, even as your organization grows and develops over time.
  • Keep learning on-budget. If you have a tight training budget, job aids and infographics are a cost-effective way to deliver information without starting from scratch. Custom eLearning programs can be expensive, but you can supplement your current training with simple, eye-catching job aids that serve as stop-gaps until you’re able to expand or create something new. 


Our job aid design process

All ELM projects begin with a process called “action mapping” to make sure the learning delivery method matches the customer’s learning goals. Action mapping is a visual method that matches your learning objectives with a comprehensive list of steps to achieve those goals. Content that calls for job aids and infographics are part of this mapping process done by our learning experience designers who make sure that the content addresses all your desired learning outcomes. 

We think of job aid and infographic design as methods to create content that is accessible to everyone, shareable throughout an organization (and beyond!), and easily digestible. We’ll apply these principles to your learning objectives to create job aids that are more than just background noise. Using engaging illustrations, graphic typography, and your organization’s branding, our process results in job aids that take center stage. 

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  • Job aids are usually resources for learning as part of a project, such as a short manual, checklist, or flowchart that’s downloaded directly from the training. They’re usually created in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, then converted to PDF format.

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