Neurolearning Design

Join this webinar to discover:

  • How cognitive neuroscience, intent, and appeal join forces in Neurolearning Design
  • The six pillars of Neurolearning Design for eLearning
  • How Neurolearning Design can help create a positive performance outcome

Neurolearning design is a framework crafted and trademarked by ELM to elevate learning experiences by creating higher engagement, faster recall and better retrieval of information for learners. Neurolearning Design combines insights from modern cognitive theory, adult learning theory, and design theory to create eLearning that works.

Throughout this webinar, we will arm you with tactics to apply Neurolearning principles and examples of real Neurolearning applications so you can make your own learning more effective.

The Speakers

Greg Kozera

Creative Learning Director

Greg Kozera is the Director of Creative Learning at ELM. He helps Fortune 500 companies implement effective digital learning strategies designed to achieve business objectives. Greg also leads R&D at ELM, experimenting with combining insights from modern cognitive theory and design theory to create learning experiences that are entertaining, intuitive, and appealing.