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ELM Wins Best Alternative Solution at DevLearn’s DemoFest

It is with extreme pleasure that we are thrilled to announce ELM has been selected to receive an award at the Learning Guild’s DevLearn DemoFest this year. Our project, titled “A story-based, immersive approach to annual cybersecurity eLearning,” was voted Best Alternative Solution among many standout competitors.

ELM’s winning project addressed the challenge of creating an engaging and effective annual cybersecurity training program for a large international pharmaceutical company, all while adhering to stringent translation requirements in 20 languages and high accessibility standards. The project, set in a futuristic world, revolved around a cyber attack that compromised the company’s central command system which hadn’t been breached for two decades.

This immersive eLearning experience engaged learners on a journey to safeguard their organization from cyber threats through a brilliant combination of elements. Graphic novel-like storytelling added a compelling narrative arc, drawing learners into a captivating plot filled with suspense and intrigue. Humor injected a sense of fun and enjoyment, transforming what was once stale, boring content into an engaging and entertaining learning experience.

“This project was a lot of fun! This content is very familiar to most, and so we needed to present the information in a creative and original story to assist in learner engagement. The bold color palette against the darker treatments of the course and background really allow the imagery and information to POP off the screen more. The “cyberpunk” futuristic sci-fi world allowed us to make even “plain” objects such as vehicles, laptops and screens more exciting and fresh with our treatments.”

– Rebecca Irby, Creative Director at ELM

The project also featured beautiful illustrations, short videos, animated GIFs, and interactive activities that brought the subject matter to life. These visual and interactive elements allowed learners to visualize the concepts, making them more accessible and memorable.

Interactive activities further enhanced engagement by encouraging learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. These activities not only made the learning experience more enjoyable but also provided opportunities for immediate feedback and reinforcement, ensuring a deeper understanding of cybersecurity concepts.

One of the key success indicators for this project was the overwhelmingly positive feedback received through learner surveys. The course quickly emerged as a favorite among trainees, demonstrating its effectiveness and impact.

“It was thrilling to see how enthusiastically people responded to this project! One of my favorite comments was, ‘Now this is a course I’d actually want to take’”

– Allisun Oconnell, LXD Lead at ELM

Allisun OConnell, Learning Experience Design Lead at ELM Learning, presented the project at DevLearn’s DemoFest. The winning project was brought to life with the help of various tools, including Intellum Evolve, Adobe After Effects, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, and Media Encoder.

This recognition at DevLearn’s DemoFest signifies ELM’s commitment to delivering innovative, engaging, and accessible eLearning solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients and learners. The project’s success demonstrates the power of storytelling, creativity, and interactive elements in transforming cybersecurity training into an exciting and effective learning experience.

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