Neurolearning in Action: How ELM Uses Neurolearning™

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to remember things like song lyrics and movie quotes, but trying to recall what you learned in your last training is next to impossible? You probably don’t even realize it, but those easy-to-remember earworms are engineered to maximize your brain’s response and access to your long-term memory. In short, they’re a nearly-perfect part of ELM’s core strategy: Neurolearning™.

What is Neurolearning™?

Neurolearning™ is our methodology for creating learning experiences that optimize learning outcomes. By adhering to the Six Pillars of Neurolearning™, we design learning experiences that engage, amaze, entertain, and stick with the learners. Neurolearning™ can be used to increase learning efficacy and improve your training results by changing the way online courses are built – using a multi dimensional approach that includes not only adult learning theory but also layers in modern cognitive science and aligns multimedia visual strategies for results beyond good – for exceptional learning experiences and results. 

Neurolearning™ works by integrating learning science and adult learning theory with modern user experience (UX) to create higher engagement with learning material, deepening the understanding of and connection to the learning material.

How Does ELM Use Neurolearning™? 

By utilizing our six pillars of Neurolearning™, we can turn any training session into an impactful learning experience. It’s a functional framework for all of our projects and the guiding principle of our overall philosophy. ELM implements Neurolearning™ by reverse engineering every project to naturally arrive at its solution. By first analyzing our clients’ goals and identifying problems, we can combine our not-so-secret sauce of learning science and design appeal to create a custom learning experience that taps into exactly how we absorb and apply information. 

Consider the lyrics to your favorite song, for example: The verses are cleverly broken into small chunks, interspersed with a catchy chorus. This pattern is easier for our brains to consume and recall, which is why it only takes a few listens for you to memorize the words. At the same time, most songs paint a story in your head that draws on your emotions (love; sadness; joy). These emotions create a deeper connection to the content. Even your carpool karaoke sessions contribute to the Neurolearning™ effect: You are actively engaged with the content by singing along, which is actively enhancing memory formation tied to the song. The next time you catch yourself belting out your favorite power ballad, think about how it was engineered perfectly for you to recall it. 

Neurolearning™ in Action

We utilize the concept of Neurolearning™ to essentially design from the bottom up and engage the hearts and minds of users before we ever deliver any piece of content. When we apply these basic concepts of Neurolearning™ to training and respect the brain and the way it processes information to better harness its infinite potential, it ultimately leads to more effective, more powerful eLearning. While we aren’t teaching learners the words to a new song, the Neurolearning™ process serves to strengthen the connection between learner and information. The result? A beautifully intentional design process that delivers maximum results. 

Want to know more about how we use Neurolearning™ for our award-winning solutions? Click here to download our Neurolearning™ 101 ebook.