Developing a Learning Culture

Trending Topics: The Next Big Thing in eLearning Trends and Tech

Whether it’s #BradandAngelinasWedding or a brief dalliance with designer sweatpants, we know that trends can sizzle for one moment and then fizzle unceremoniously the most. Luckily, the world of eLearning is less volatile than that of celebs and fashion, but it doesn’t mean it’s without its trending topics. No, you won’t hear about the latest training techniques on the cover of US Weekly, but we still think the next big things in eLearning are completely feature-worthy. Check out where eLearning is set to expand and what methods are trending now.

Big Data, Big Results

The financial and marketing industries have been using big data for years: Supersets of consumer information that are analyzed to create better sales opportunities. But the eLearning industry has managed to harness the power of big data to help create a more personalized and effective training experience for learners. Take a massive training course for an entire sales department, for example: By collecting analytics on who logged in, how many completed the course, which employees failed the end-of-course test and which disengaged and neglected to complete the module at all, instructional designers and organizations alike can weed out potential problems and give extra attention where it’s needed.

Big data isn’t perfect, since much of the information can be disregarded as extra noise. Still, it allows a “big picture” snapshot of the efficacy of an eLearning module in the most objective way possible.

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 6 might have been a summer hit, but the real blockbuster for eLearning has been the utilization of microlearning as a viable training solution for organizations. With shorter attention spans and quicker fingers, the need for quick eLearning delivered via smartphone or social network is a valuable way to give employees the need-to-know information in a timely (read: instant) fashion.

Armed with bite-sized nuggets of learning and training, employees are no longer stuck in conference rooms or left with outdated information, so expect to see microlearning grow to be the next big (little) thing.

PLNs and Social Networking

If you don’t already have a Personal Learning Network (PLN) in place, you’re missing the boat on one of 2014 biggest eLearning trends. Creating a social network based on those you can learn from – industry experts, colleagues and even information social network feeds – mean consistent and constant learning. Many organizations are actually encouraging employees to build their own PLNs based on suggested experts, understanding the value in learning from peers.

The real story for 2014 eLearning trends isn’t a new form of technology or a brand-new version of whatever presentation software you use: It’s the idea that learning can be done anytime and anywhere. By creating the perfect conditions for daily and constant eLearning, organizations promote education and training with a captive and willing audience – and that’s #awesome.