eLearning Consulting Services

At ELM, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with teams who are actively striving to revolutionize corporate learning. By tailoring learning experiences to an organization’s culture and processes, and viewing training through a Neurolearning™ lens, we can create experiences that make learners care, and that reflect the organization’s core values. 

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Learning Experience Design

Whether embarking on a new learning initiative or overhauling your entire learning program, Learning Experience Design will create the roadmap you need to get you there. ELM uses a blend of design thinking and NeurolearningTM to create an intentional learning strategy that prioritizes learner needs and organizational context above all else to map the way to the results you need.

Change Management Strategy

The hardest part of organizational change is convincing individuals to embrace it: that’s why we offer consulting aimed at adapting your learners to organizational change. We use our expertise in human motivation to help your change initiative land, then monitor the change lifecycle as it happens to ensure learners are embracing and applying their new knowledge and skills.

Process/Service Design

You know what your learners need to know, but you may not know the best way to get there. We help companies design and adapt development processes, leveraging team strengths and uncovering inefficiencies to create impactful learning experiences.

Leadership Development

We know how to turn learners into leaders because we practice what we preach. At ELM, our entire team is made up of designers, architects, and project managers who confidently lead their teams and share their knowledge and strategies with others. We leverage our own knowledge and experiences into meaningful leadership learning for your team—in the form of eBooks, blended learning, and on-site training.