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The path to complete learning is rarely a straight line. In order to truly master a subject, a learner might need to repeat topics, practice their new skills, or even skip over experiences completely. That’s where eLearning branching scenarios come into play. They’re designed to give learners the chance to guide their own experience, whether it’s picking from prescribed options or fast-forwarding through a topic they’ve already mastered. At ELM, we use branching to create personalized experiences that keep learners hyper-focused and engaged to the very last frame. 

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Why use branching?

Remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? They allowed you to pick your own storyline as you read them again and again. Branching scenarios for eLearning are a lot like that. Branching puts your learners squarely in the driver’s seat as they navigate their experience. We know that no two learners are exactly alike, but typical training often forces everyone through the same steps. 

Some learners have already mastered some of the material and the training feels too slow. Others need to go back or practice their skills a little more. Branching gives total autonomy so users can speed up, slow down, practice more, or test their knowledge when they’re ready. It’s a personalized approach designed to make every second of the experience count.

Our branching scenarios

The trick to effective branching is one of our favorite design tools: context. By viewing your eLearning project through different lenses, we’re able to keep ahead of your learners to anticipate branching scenarios that make the most sense. Whether someone is on day one or day 100, we work to create recognizable stories to engage your learners and create an emotional connection with the content. When learners relate to the material, they can better imagine themselves in the various scenarios and use branching as a safe way to test their skills and knowledge before they head into real-life settings.

Why choose ELM for branching?

With thousands of combinations and pathways, DIY’ing your branching scenarios might actually lead you to a dead end. We’re lucky to have branching and experience designers who are experts at building scenarios that keep your learners moving in the right direction. We know that some might need a shortcut to the finish line while others take detours and revisit topics, and our branching scenarios keep the individual learner in mind at all times. You might be surprised at how your users interact with your material; it’s our job to anticipate each combination and use it to build eLearning that feels relevant today and in the future.

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  • Is a treasure hunt engaging and fun? It usually is, especially if the clues are challenging. Well, branching scenarios are effective due to the same principle: they’re challenging and surprising.

    As the learner moves through the course by making decisions, the script reveals unpredictable learning opportunities. This sort of interaction involves the learner in the training experience. As a result, they invest more effort in learning and devote more passion to it.

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