Why does ELM create instructor-led training?

We get why some companies have started to move away from an instructor-led training model. Face-to-face training can be time consuming, tedious, and, once the learners have left the building, ineffective for retention. Some topics simply work better with a tech-based or learner-led approach. But that doesn’t mean instructor-led training is a thing of the past. There are times when even the most advanced tech solutions simply can’t replace person-to-person interaction, which is why instructor-led training remains our gold standard for certain topics and experiences. Imagine trying to teach soft skills like growth mindset or courageous leadership without the benefit of personal interaction. We believe that learners need to experience certain skills firsthand to truly understand and apply them. After all, teaching communication skills should involve actual communication. Sensitive topics, time management, flexibility, and positivity: these are all skills that take more than just a clever module to master. Instructor-led training can be combined with other delivery methods and technology to encourage debate, offer hands-on learning opportunities, and give learners a chance to practice their new skills in a safe space before applying them at work. When properly prepared with the right materials and learning path, an instructor becomes less of a presenter and more of a facilitator helping learners experience personal growth. Instructor-led training isn’t dead; it’s just different than what you’re used to. We can help your organization decide when and where to use instructor-led training to ensure your learners are having the right experiences. And, we give you the tools and content you need to make sure every face-to-face interaction counts.

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