Why do we believe in Microlearning?

There’s the old adage of eating an elephant: what’s the best way? One bite at a time. That’s why microlearning is such an effective way to deliver content to your learners. Instead of inundating learners with information, microlearning breaks it down in super-digestible chunks; just the way your learners want. From a neurological standpoint, brains are only designed to hold so much information at a time. According to a study completed at the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University, activity in the prefrontal cortex (the cognitive center of the brain) actually slowed when subjects were continuously fed information. What you think of as thorough might actually be overwhelming, causing learners’ brains to simply shut down when reaching max capacity. Microlearning means respecting the brain’s limits and breaking up the learning experience for maximum impact, stitching together content in a way that prevents learner burnout.

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