After disappointing results from outsourcing technology functions halfway around the world, the trend has begun to reverse. Some companies throw out the baby with the bathwater to bring everything under their own roof. So what’s the real deal? When and why does it MAKE SENSE TO OUTSOURCE YOUR L&D FUNCTION, and when does it make sense to bring the function in-house?

Considerations for outsourcing learning development vs. keeping it in-house extend beyond initial cost. Lack of quality control and poor results can end up costing double or more in the end—and that refers to both outsourcing and keeping a your L&D in-house. THERE IS NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL ANSWER; instead, companies must consider a number of factors, and often the answer is to PARTNER WITH A RELATIONSHIP WITH A REPUTABLE VENDOR who can pitch in on projects that are beyond the scope of the in-house instructional designers and developers.

The vendor can help the in-house staff select the proper AUTHORING TOOLS, teach the in-house staff what they need to know to update information within the courses and serve as the go-to expert. As the in-house designers and developers become familiar with methodologies and tools, they can take on more of the work and begin working under the direction of the vendor.

The vendor keeps up with new approaches in trends in learning and teaching as well as new authoring tools. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they specialize in turning confusion into direction for your in-house staff needs.