How does ELM do gamification?

One of the most misunderstood learning methods, gamification is often misinterpreted to mean turning every topic into an episode of Family Feud. Instead, it means using game elements to increase engagement levels and help learners feel a sense of accomplishment. Gamification isn’t a teacher; it’s an experience. Think about it: why do we all love video games? Is it the instant feedback? The engaging noises? Maybe it’s the increasing difficulty as you level up. Whatever it is that keeps you playing, those same elements can be applied to create rewarding learning experiences for your team, such as teaching sales tactics or sensitive HR subjects. We don’t use gamification because it’s fun and trendy; we use it when it can help you meet your learning objectives. We know that game elements can help learners test their knowledge in a safe space, identify key points, and react appropriately to different situations. Applied properly, gamification can help you level up to better learning.

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