Learning Consulting

Join this webinar to discover how to:

  • Incorporate learner experience design
  • Develop a learning culture
  • Have an outcome-based approach
  • Get buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Create alignment across your team

Learning and Development professionals are constantly challenged to develop training and eLearning content that will keep an entire workforce eager, willing, and able to learn quickly. In addition, they are also expected to accurately address learning objectives and tie them to key business objectives.

In this webinar, we provide guidance on how to incorporate learning experience design (LxD) to create an intentional eLearning program that not only engages learners but also produces the business and learning outcomes you need to achieve.

The Speakers

Sarah Bacerra

Learning & Performance Consulting Lead

Sarah Bacerra is the Learning and Performance Consulting Lead at ELM. With an obsession for lifelong learning, she has had the privilege of working with thousands of employees, entrepreneurs, and startups, supporting them by way of strategic business coaching, execution of educational program development, and vital alliance-building.

Greg Kozera

Creative Learning Design Director

Greg Kozera is the Director of Creative Learning Design here at ELM. He helps Fortune 500’s implement effective digital learning strategies that help in creating outcomes that achieve business objectives. He also leads research & development at ELM, where we experiment with combining insights from modern cognitive theory and design theory to create learning experiences that aid in memory retention, positively affect learner outcomes, and are entertaining, intuitive, and appealing.