Blended learning works well for covering a large amount of course material with learners who are independent and engaged. But how can you get learners to take responsibility for their own education? By putting some best practices to work with the rest of your curriculum, you ensure that you make the most of a combined at-home and in-class effort to make sure you max out the method.

Explain Your Reasons

If your learners don’t truly understand the reasoning behind the idea of combining both independent and in-class learning, you may lose them from day one. Instead, take the time to explain exactly why you’ve chosen blended learning as your method for delivery. Perhaps you want to respect the various degrees of understanding among learners, or you’d rather spend class time putting concepts to work, rather than reading up on them. Make your learners understand the method behind your madness for the best results.

Include Diverse Activities

Any given class has a diverse learning aesthetic. While some prefer to learn by reading, others score better results by doing. There is no cookie cutter method of effective learning. Including diverse activities help all employees learn in a comfortable setting. From group discussions to online quizzes, games and even role playing, diversity can drive user engagement for all learning types.

Max Out Media

You have the most powerful learning tool of all time readily accessible at your fingertips: The Internet. Don’t waste it by creating a blended learning curriculum that is dull and repetitive. Why write out a whiteboard question when you could show an engaging video? Why tell your learners a fact when you can have them research at home and report back in class? By maxing out your media, you give your learners the tools to make the most of their experience.