If you’re just thinking about utilizing a blended learning model or you’re in the throes of putting one into practice, you know that there are multiple resources available to you. From books to media, blogs and more, there’s no shortage of information when you’re just getting started. The trick is weeding out all of the extra noise and dialing into the resources that will really help to get your blended curriculum off the ground.

1. Mentor

If you really want to get started, one of the most important resources is a mentor – an educator who’s been there, done that. By talking to someone who has implemented blended learning successfully, you can learn from their mistakes while molding their successes to suit your needs. While you may not know an appropriate educator now, check out online forums – they’re a wealth of information when you’re getting started.

2. Learning Management System

If you really want your students to get engaged, think about adopting a learning management system. By putting a module in place that allows students to log in, read material, enjoy media and eventually, engage in classroom discussion, your blended technique becomes more successful – and easier to track and maintain. You can choose from existing learning management systems or opt to have an LMS developed specifically for your purposes.

3. Media

It’s a no brainer: blended learning relies on the learner’s ability to learn, watch and read on his own time. By adapting interactive media into your program, you give better incentive for students to check in. There’s an endless supply of videos, articles and other media types online. Whether it’s a simple quiz at the end of a chapter, a video you watch as a class or a series of blog posts to read, including media is easy and inexpensive.