The term “gamification” is slightly misleading as it conjures images of learners whiling away the workday playing Minecraft on the job. Serious GAMIFICATION AT WORK helps learners absorb complicated material as well as material that would otherwise put a caffeine addict to sleep. Think of gamification as edutainment—education disguised as entertainment. You have to spark an interest for learning to take place, and adding games is the easiest and most cost-effective way to spark that interest.

The concept is not new: Astronauts spent years playing games on terra firma before leaving the bounds of gravity, and there’s a reason the military calls exercises that simulate battlefield conditions “war games.” Each of these workplaces is fraught with danger, and if games can keep these heroes alive, just think what CORPORATE GAMIFICATION can bring to your corporate e-learning effort.

You’ll want games that integrate seamlessly into your overall CUSTOM E-LEARNING strategy and teach new concepts or help to solidify concepts already presented. Students can earn badges at the successful completion of the course. While healthy competition encourages learning, too competitive an environment can place the emphasis on the game rather than on learning. A seasoned instructional designer knows how to hit just the right note and avoid the pitfalls while providing a cost-effective way to engage learners.