Custom eLearning is our bread and butter.

Off-the-shelf learning has its place, but custom eLearning solutions can make all the difference for your training strategy. Custom eLearning is all about context: your learners want to know that you respect their time by only giving them the experiences and information they need to grow in their positions and excel in their jobs. A lack of customization could mean learners dismissing information—no matter how valuable—as unnecessary. 

You only have a few seconds to make a big impact. At ELM, we combine what we know about focus, attention, and memory with customized learning solutions that reflect your company’s structure, culture, and unique goals. We create learning that is highly accessible and perfectly balanced to deliver the right combination of content, context, and impact for highly dynamic training, from the very first moment to the final page.

Custom Solutions Work Better 

Custom eLearning solutions mean bigger benefits for your business, like: 

  • Better engagement. Gallup found that only 34 percent of American employees are engaged at work. Boring, by-the-book training can definitely contribute to employees who are less-than-enthusiastic about their workplaces. Custom eLearning increases the chance for interaction and engagement through relevant training that views learners as individuals, not checklists. 
  • Personalized approach. Custom eLearning allows you to tailor content to each individual employee. Consider it training a la carte: each learner can pick and choose topics, spending more time on some and fast-tracking others, based on their own learning path. This personalized approach also gives managers better insight on how to improve performance on an individual level. 
  • Reduced training time. The average small business spent about 50 hours of training per employee in 2019. Spending time with off-the-shelf learning might work for broad topics, but not every employee needs the same training. From compliance to sales, reduce the time your employees spend training with specific, timely content that targets their development goals. Custom eLearning reduces time spent on training without reducing its value. 
  • Easily-updated content. When you use off-the-shelf learning, it’s almost impossible to make tweaks and keep the content up-to-date; what you see is what you get. Custom content ensures that your training is always fresh, current, and focused. Instead of finding a completely new course when you need to swap out content, you’ll save time and money by easily adapting your custom eLearning to the latest changes. 
  • More cohesive voice. Your organization has a unique voice, but is that reflected in your current training? Custom eLearning blends seamlessly with your organization by combining branding with your overall tone for a consistent and cohesive experience for your learners. 

The ELM Approach

Off-the-shelf learning definitely has its place in the training world, but it’s not a perfect solution. Your organization has specific needs and your employees deserve relevant, engaging eLearning. At ELM, we create custom solutions using a neurolearning approach grounded in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and complemented with out-of-this-world instructional design. This approach results in instructionally sound digital learning experiences with proven higher engagement, deeper learning, and faster recall. Our guiding principles are:

  • Understand learners
  • Tie learning to performance
  • Provide realistic practice and feedback
  • Use interactivity to promote deep engagement
  • Harness the power of storytelling
  • Give on-demand performance support
  • Measure learning effectiveness
  • Apply multimedia learning research

Make the ELM approach YOUR approach to eLearning. Contact us today!

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